Detex Line Magnum AM Doors

Acoustomagnetic System

Unique acoustic-magnetic anti-theft system. Hidden installation of anti-theft equipment is gaining popularity in the world! Choosing a unique anti-theft invisible design with first-class performance is an innovative solution for stores located in shopping centers. The main advantage of this type of installation is that the antennas are masked from an customers’ attention, while at the same time they have an optimal price and high functionality. The visible part of the AM Doors system is two very narrow and thin panels that are attached to the glass doors with a strong double-sided tape and almost fuses with them. The second part of the system is a thin wire running along a perimeter of an entrance group, imperceptibly fixed to the ends of the doors, and a power supply unit, easily masked by shop windows.

Save the unique design of your store and the trust of your customers!

One of the important features of the AM Doors system is its functionality. Unlike other acousto-magnetic systems, it is less demanding to an environment and protects goods from thefts equally stable and reliable in small stores and in large shopping centers.

  • Invisible antennas
  • Protection around an entire perimeter of an aisle
  • Digital signal processing system DSP
  • Remote electronics unit
  • Remote alarm indication
  • Automatic adaptation to interference

Technical data

System management processor: Advanced Digital DSP
Jamming avoidance response: Noise Memory
Alarm indication: light, audible
Antenna dimensions: 1700x160x4mm
Detection distances of hard tags: up to 200 cm
* Depending on the specific operating conditions, the working detection distances of the sensors may vary