Detex Line Magnum Cinema RS

Acoustomagnetic System

Magnum Cinema RS is a media channel that will tell visitors about you and your offers! A live video format will allow you to open an advertising message and reach a lot more people than regular static banners. You can upload several videos at once with an offer to different segments of customers. Videos are easily replaced on the spot or at the store’s main office. The process takes only a couple of clicks.

  • Show the entire product range at the entrance
  • Tell us about promotions and discounts
  • Broadcast ads for different audiences
  • Give an advertising space for rent


Through a computer in the store
Through a local network at the central office
  • Total movie weight up to 20 GB
  • Offline scrolling of downloaded videos
  • Automatic inclusion in case of power outages in the store
  • Detection distance of AM tags and protective boxes up to 190 cm!
  • Antijammer — detects and signals the use of jamming devices
  • Guaranteed synchronization with neighboring systems - work without false alarms

Advanced technology

Digital control system

The combination of modern electronic components with the Advaced Digital DSP digital control system made it possible to accurately detect rigid and flexible tags over wide entrances and almost no false alarms.

Acoustic magnetic technology

A wide detection range and a high level of resistance to external interference, which are undoubtedly present in modern shopping centers, is achieved due to the powerful Magnum RS electronics built into the antennas based on acoustomagnetic technology.

Accurate detection

Antennas detecting tags at a distance of up to 190 cm from each other, which allows you to keep a convenient, entry group, even when several people pass simultaneously through the same frames.

Technical data

The detection distance of sensors *
2 antennas
1 antenna
Detection distances of hard tags: up to 190 cm
Detection distances of flexible labels: up to 160 cm
*The operating detection distances of sensors may vary depending on specific operating conditions
Technical specification
Technology: Acoustomagnetic
Operating frequency: 58 kHz
Dimensions of the antenna: 1610х434х46 mm
Operation indication: Light
Alarm indication: Light and audible
Control system: Advanced Digital DSP
Built-in: Antijammer
Built-In Metal Detector: Yes, optional
Built-In Magnetometer: Yes, optional
Remote Magnet service: Yes, optional
Setting up via Magnum Mobile: Yes, optional
Management via Magnum Connect: Yes, optional
Color options
Screen size: 24 inches
Video resolution: FULL HD
Video format: MP4, MOV, MKV
The system consists of: Receiving antenna + Antenna transmitter + Power supply for transmitter
* Depending on the specific operating conditions, the working detection distances of the sensors may vary

Screen configurations

4 screens

1/1 screen

1 screen

2 screens

Antenna Configurations