Detex Line Magnum Energy 45 RS

Acoustomagnetic System

Elegant, compact anti-theft system with impressive detection characteristics. It fits even for wide input aisles! The elegant lines of Magnum Energy 45 RS perfectly match an interior of most modern stores. And five color solutions will allow you to choose the antenna that will emphasize the unique style of your brand.


  • 5 colors options: black, gray, white, green and red
  • Hollow structure leaves an open view
  • Small dimensions
  • Possibility of color printing on a case
  • Modern case design fits most interiors


The case of Magnum Energy 45 RS system is made of impact-resistant polypropylene, which is widely used in automotive industry, mechanical engineering, home appliances and construction. The system is resistant for hits by strollers, carts and packages.


  • The detection distance of acoustic magnetic sensors and safers is up to 220 cm!
  • Antijammer — detects and gives a signal about an using of jamming devices
  • Magnetic metal detection - allows to detect booster bags and detachers
  • Guaranteed synchronization with neighbor systems : the system works without false alarms

Advanced technology

Digital control system

The combination of modern electronic components with the Advaced Digital DSP digital control system made it possible to accurately detect rigid and flexible tags over wide entrances and almost no false alarms

Acoustic magnetic technology

A wide detection range and a high level of resistance to external interference, which are undoubtedly present in modern shopping centers, is achieved due to the powerful Magnum RS electronics built into the antennas based on acoustomagnetic technology.

Accurate detection

The antennas detect at a distance of up to 220 cm, which allows you to maintain a convenient entrance group even when several people are walking simultaneously through the same frames.

Technical data

The detection distance of sensors *
2 antennas
1 antenna
Detection distances of hard tags: up to 220 cm up to 110 cm
Detection distances of flexible labels: up to 200 cm up to 100 cm
*The operating detection distances of sensors may vary depending on specific operating conditions
Technical specification
Technology: Acoustomagnetic
Operating frequency: 58 kHz
Dimensions of the antenna: 1613х350х110 mm
Operation indication: Light
Alarm indication: Light and audible
Control system: Advanced Digital DSP
Built-in: Antijammer
Built-In Metal Detector: Yes, optional
Built-In Magnetometer: Yes, optional
Remote Magnet service: Yes, optional
Setting up via Magnum Mobile: Yes, optional
Management via Magnum Connect: Yes, optional
Color options
The system consists of: Receiver Antenna + Master Antenna
* Depending on the specific operating conditions, the working detection distances of the sensors may vary

Antenna Configurations