Detex Line Magnum 40 RS

Acoustomagnetic System

Detex Line Magnum 40 RS equipment with replaceable 2D and 3D banners is an original way to emphasize the brand’s identity. A high level of protection from external interference is achieved by modern technologies used in the software of Magnum 40 RS equipment.

Advantages of Magnum 40 RS


Anti Jammer System

Anti Jammer system helps in the fight against professional thieves. They use special devices which create strong interference. That’s why the equipment can not detect an attempted theft.


Protection of wide aisles

Protection of wide aisles. The technical design of the Magnum 40 anti theft system allows you to protect input groups with a width of up to 250cm.


3D banner

There is an ability to place a removable individual banner, the cost of which is included in the cost of the system.


Light indication of operation and alarm

Light indication of operation and alarm greatly simplifies the work of personnel.


Improved the synchronization process

There is an ability to connect all antennas installed in the store to the network and connect to a personal computer.


Detex Line Monitoring's Program

Detex Line Monitoring’s program collects statistics on the number of anti-theft system actuations and transmits them to the client in the form of a report. It is possible to remotely configure the system without engineer’s visit.

Technical data

System management processor: Advanced Digital DSP
Alarm indication: light, audible
Antenna dimensions: 1600x420mm
Power Consumption: 45W
Detection distances of hard tags: up to 200 cm
Detection distances of flexible labels: up to 160 cm
* Depending on the specific operating conditions, the working detection distances of the sensors may vary

Antenna Configurations