Detex Line Magnum Invisible

Acoustomagnetic System

The anti-theft system is mounted into a floor. It is completely invisible for store’s visitors. The alarm display is installed in any convenient place, for example, at a security post or cash operating unit. Like all Detex Line anti-theft systems, Magnum Invisible provides reliable protection against theft thanks to the latest electronic components, improved sensor detection algorithms and AntiJammer function, which protects the system from professional thieves.

It is possible to configure the system by yourself or with the help of AntiVor specialists using the programmer unit. The programmer unit is supplied with the software and the activation key for the antenna.It is non-volatile and has no limited service life.

Technical data

System management processor: Advanced Digital DSP
Power Consumption: 45 W
Alarm indication: light, audible
Antenna dimensions: 1700х800 mm
Detection distances of hard tags: up to 140 cm
Detection distances of flexible labels: up to 110 cm
* Depending on the specific operating conditions, the working detection distances of the sensors may vary

Antenna Configurations