Detex Line Magnum Ultra Plus

Acoustomagnetic System

The first specialized anti-theft system in the Detex Line portfolio, which has maximum strength and maximum flexibility. The design was developed taking into account the specifics of installing anti-theft equipment in super and hypermarkets. Reliable system of fixing to the floor or people’s flow divider with specialized fasteners.

Advantages of Magnum Ultra Plus


Various mounting options

There are different options for attaching the antennas: to a cash or to people’s flow divider in a checkout aisle.


Unsurpassed strength

The design of the system is as strong and shock-resistant as possible. The antenna bends, but does not break or deform, returning to its original form. These properties allow you to forget once and for all about a possibility of system damage.


Modern electronics

A digital three-frequency filter is used in the control unit. It allowed to get a stable detection, even in conditions of strong interference.



The monosystem has a small weight, and the antenna thickness is only 1.2 cm. The antenna can be installed in narrow aisel.


Ability to select a color of the antennas

When purchasing the Detex Line Magnum Ultra system, you can choose the desired color from the RAL catalog. Thus, the antennas will be combined with your corporate style, which will have a positive impact on brand awareness.

Technical data

Case material: monolithic polycarbonate
Dimensions: 1275x395mm
Soft labels: up to 85 cm
* Depending on the specific operating conditions, the working detection distances of the sensors may vary

Antenna Configurations

On a stream divider

On a cash registers