Radio Frequency Systems

The stable operation of the system is achieved by using digital technology, which allows the use of radiofrequency antitheft equipment in any rooms. A large variety of labels and sensors for a RF EAS system increases a degree of protection for wide range of goods.

Protection of entrance group

High performance, presence of basic functions that provide high-quality protection from theft.

Detex Line Crystal 30 LX

Detex Line Crystal 30 LX — compact antenna with elegant design.

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Detex Line Base 30 LX

Detex Line Base 30 LX system in grey is an excellent choice for protecting products in small stores and shopping centers.

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Detex Line Elit 30 LX

Detex Line Elite 30 LX anti-theft equipment has five color options. So you can choose any color that suits your interior.

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Detex Line Logo 30 LX

Detex Line Logo 30 LX is a reliable anti-theft system with an advertising medium function. Most of the surface is used as an advertising area.

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Detex Line Base 40 LX

The system looks perfect in rooms with any interior due to the minimal thickness of the antennas made in a strict gray color.

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Detex Line Logo 40 LX

Detex Line Logo 40 LX is one of the leaders of anti theft equipment in the Russian market.

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Detex Line Crystal 40 LX

Radio frequency anti-theft system Detex Line Crystal 40 LX is a system with an elegant design, made of transparent, thin acrylic.

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Detex Line Elit 45 LX

Sleek, ultra-thin, RF system with wide detection sensor range up to 190 cm!

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Protection of cash desk area

This section presents tailored solutions for a protection of a cash desk area. The maximum operating distances are specified, while flexible sensors are used.

Detex Line Market

The most advanced technologies based on the latest generation of electronic boards have been applied In the anti theft system named Market.

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Detex Line Market M

The antennas are equipped with a special matching device. It made possible to obtain their completely independent functioning and an extremely high degree of sensitivity.

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Radio frequency sensor deactivator

Modern radio frequency deactivators have various features, such as contactless deactivation, confirmation of successful deactivation of the sensor.

Label Deactivator Pro

Contactless deactivator Detex Line

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