Detex Line Logo 40 LX

Radio Frequency System

Detex Line Logo 40 LX system is one of the Russian anti-theft equipment market leaders. The following qualities make the Detex Line Logo 40 LX system a sales leader: the latest anti-jamming technology Noise Memory, a digital signal processing system, a large detection distance between the antennas, and using of the antenna surface as an advertising area.

Technical data

System management processor: Advanced Digital DSP
Anti-jamming technology: Noise Memory
Alarm indication: light, audible
Power Consumption: 26 W
Antenna dimensions: 420x70x1615mm
Detection distances of hard tags: up to 190 cm
Detection distances of flexible labels: up to 160 cm
* Depending on the specific operating conditions, the working detection distances of the sensors may vary

Antenna Configurations