Rstat Bluetooth Smart

Wireless horizontal sensors

Horizontal sensors of infrared technology designed for stores with a small entrance group. The sensors are powered by AA batteries. It allows to install them without cables wiring and drilling walls, on the principle of Plug in Play.

Free mobile App

Statistics are made using an Android smartphone. All you need is to install the free Start Smart App and all the statistics will be on your smartphone in a clear and convenient form.

Collecting statistics via the Rstat Net Registrar*

The Registrar receives data from sensors, saves and transmits statistics to the Central office. So you get an additional opportunity to collect statistics without the participation of staff, an additional data storage for up to 5 years.

  • CONNECTING up to 14 sensor sets
  • COVERAGE AREA up to 10 meters

Advantages of Rstat Bluetooth Smart


Accurate bi-directional counting

The calculation is made as a result of crossing two IR rays by visitor. Depending of the intersection sequence, a high-performance microprocessor determines whether a person enters or exits and calculates providing the least error.


Integration into the Rstat cloud

In online mode, data from the sensor is uploaded to the Rstat Cloud of version Light, where you will have access to the previously saved statistics and view the necessary data from any device.


Protection from obstruction

If the sensors are not able to count due to the appearance of any obstacle, the Start Smart app displays a notification about gaps in the statistics. So you can eliminate the fault immediately.


Autonomous operation

The sensors are powered by AA batteries, and don't require any wires. The system is Autonomous! This is convenient for retail shops with constant power supply voltage swing. All the information will be saved in case of an unexpected power outage or server failure.


Lowest cost solution

Use a minimum of money and time once, and then get up-to-date, accurate traffic statistics on your smartphone or through the RSTARTNET Registrar at any time convenient for you!

Technical data

Sensor type: Horizontal sensors
Size: 68 x 50 x 29 mm
Type of counting: Bidirectional
Color: White
Receiving and transmitting technology: Digital
Non-volatile memory: 300 days
Installation height: 140sm
The recommended width of aisle: less 2 meters
Technical requirements to a mobile device: Android 5.1 and higher, Bluetooth 4LE and higher