Rstat Wired Horizontal Sensor

Wired Rstat sensors

Rstat wired sensors are the most compact sensors designed for stores with a small entrance group.

  • Accurate bidirectional counting
  • Wireless data transmission
  • Protection from obstruction
  • Non-volatile memory

Advantages of Wired Rstat sensors


A variety of statistics

Rstat horizontal infrared wired sensors are installed in conjunction with the register*, which accumulates data collected by sensors. On the register screen you can review all statistics for the accumulated period. Statistics are also transmitted to a PC with the help of the register, where you can use the Rstat software not only for a review of statistics, but also for making of analytical reports.


Bi-directional counting

Wired Rstat sensors provide an accurate people counting and are designed for stores with a small entrance group. An important advantage of these sensors as compared to other manufacturers’ equipment is a low level of error, which is achieved due to the special design of the system elements: the sensors are not affected when they are exposed to direct sunlight, fluorescent lamps, glare, and also when the room is dimmed.


Non-volatile memory

The presence of non-volatile memory guarantees the safety of statistics. If there is a power failure, the statistics collected by Rstat Easy do not disappear from a memory card. It is an excellent option, if you have problems with power supply stability, since statistics, collected by the sensor, will be always saved.


Protection from obstruction

When using the software, if the sensors are blocked, the SOFTWARE regitration log will display information about the error. This allows you to avoid gaps in statistics.

Technical data

Technology: infrared
Sensor type: horizontal
Counting type: bidirectional
Installation height: 120sm
Recommended passageway width*: up to 2 meters
Power supply: adapter
Connection interface: RS232
Color: light gray
The size of one’s sensor: 62х34х17mm