Rstat Real-2D

Vertical people counter

The most reliable and affordable video sensor!

An advanced video sensor with high technical characteristics that allows you to get an accurate image without the effect of "fish-eye" and minimize the impact of external factors. Wide viewing angle ensures that the count is accurate in the broad aisle.

Video Analytics

Web camera transmits a video image of the observed area to the sensor processor. A powerful eight-core processor uses specialized algorithms to determine the number of visitors.

The unique filter allows you to keep count with maximum accuracy even under conditions of high contrast of the floor covering, as well as when the color of the floor and clothes match.

Advantages of Rstat Real-2D


Unlimited number of counting zones

The sensor allows you to build several counting zones, so that you could track statistics not only from entrance groups, but also from other areas of your interest: cash desk, fitting room.


Exclusion of personnel from the counting area

You can select special logical exclusion zones in sensor settings, which can be used to record the routes of personnel or security to exclude them from the General statistics.


A convenient visualization of data

Data from the sensor is uploaded online to the device's Web interface. It is also available for uploading to specialized analytical SOFTWARE or the Rstat cloud. All data is displayed in a convenient and understandable graphical or tabular form. You get full statistics for a day, a week, and a month.


Identification by MAC addresses

The built-in WiFi module determines the frequency of visits and consumer interests, providing the necessary information to your CRM, FTP, or Rstat cloud.


Integration with video surveillance

The video stream can be transmitted to most existing video surveillance systems.


Heat map

Limited to the sensors visibility zone, a map is built on the basis of the collected data. Using this map it is easy to see popular "hot" routes and Vice versa, "cold" sections of the path.

Technical data

Technology: Videocounter
Sensor type: vertical
Counting type: bidirectional
Installation height: 2,2m to 9m
Size of the counting zone: from 2х11,5m
Power supply: IEEE802.3 PoE
Connection interface: Ethernet
Color: white/black
Memory: 8 GB
Size: 205x111x65 mm