Rstat Stereo-3D

Stereo video sensor with Wi-Fi module

It is an advanced stereo video sensor that accurately counts visitors. The calculation is performed by processing of video combination. This video combination is made with the help of two web cameras located in the device case. Thanks to the wide parameters of installation, it can be implemented on almost any object — both in small stores and in wide galleries of shopping centers.

Modern technologies and accurate counting

People counting is based on stereo vision technology. Using a powerful microprocessor, two video streams are combined with the aim to make a volume model of the counting zone.

Tracking the trajectory of each visitor increases the accuracy of counting. The fucntion of height recognition allows you to flexibly configure parameters, so bags, shopping carts, baskets, balloons, etc wil be not taken into account.

Advantages of Rstat Stereo-3D


Exact counting

The sensor detects who entered and who passed by a shopping facility. The count will be done with maximum accuracy, independently of the number of visitors. Detection occurs even in a dense flow thanks to the modelling of a scanning area.


Improved light sensitivity

High accuracy and brightness of the video image are possible even in poor light conditions, thanks to an improved lens with a special light filter. A powerful 8-core 3.4 GHz processor provides a stable 20 FPS video stream.


Integration with video surveillance

Video stream can be transmitted to most of existing video surveillance systems.


Identification by MAC addresses

The built-in WiFi module determines visit frequency and consumer interests, providing the necessary information to your CRM, FTP, or Rstat cloud.

Technical data

Technology: Videocounter
Sensor type: vertical
Counting type: bidirectional
Installation height: 2,5m to 9m
Power supply: IEEE802.3 PoE
Connection interface: Ethernet
Color: white/black
Memory: 8GB
Size: 205х111х65mm