Convex mirrors

Security view mirrors are an effective tool for a protection against shoplifting. They provide a wide angled view to see around corners and hidden areas. Mirrors have a large size, which means the highest quality visibility.

Security mirror, 805mm

Designed for installation in large retail premises. Recommended to be used in super- and hypermarkets, as well as underground parkings.

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Security mirror, 610mm

The mirror is convenient for a use in retail halls and heated warehouses. It allows you to ensure the safety of employees while using a warehouse equipment.

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Security mirror, 510 мм

Designed for installation in retail halls. The size of the mirror allows you to monitor at a remote distance, and control several zones at once.

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Security mirror, 430mm

Lightweight mirror for an installation in small rooms, cash desk area and between stacks.

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Dome mirror Armstrong, 600mm

Dome mirror is supposed to be mounted to the ceiling using «Armstrong» type clutch instead of one of its sections.

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Dome mirror, 600 mm

The dome mirror is designed to be attached to the ceiling on a hook with chains or directly.

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Dome mirror, diameter 800 mm

Dome mirror posses a high reflectivity

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Viewing mirror, diameter 900 mm

Designed for installation in retail halls.

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