Dome mirror, diameter 800 mm

Dome security mirrors are an effective means to protect against theft and significantly improve the view.

The mirrors have a 360-degree viewing angle and a large size, which means the highest quality visibility of 180 degrees from each side of the observation.

The domed mirror with high reflectivity and a viewing angle of almost 180 degrees provides the best view of the trading floor to the staff. The large size of the mirror makes it an indispensable anti-theft tool. Due to the domed shape of the mirror, the staff is able to see the store «from above».

Technical data

Diameter:800 mm
Viewing angle:180 degrees
Back wall:attached by chains to a hook under the ceiling, or directly to the ceiling

Advantages of Detex Line dome mirrors


Wide viewing angle

The shape of the hemisphere provides a wide viewing angle, up to 360 degrees, 180 degrees on each side, from almost any observation point.


Light weight

Detex Line dome mirrors have a relatively low weight, so they can be placed in any convenient place.


Damage resistance

Detex Line dome mirrors have a special protective layer, which, if the instructions are followed, eliminates the appearance of scratches and chips.


Easy installation

Detex Line dome mirrors can be placed on almost any ceiling or hung on a chain.