Security mirror, 610mm

Security review mirrors are an effective means to protect against theft and significantly improve the view.

The mirrors have a large viewing angle and a large size, which gives the highest quality visibility.

Technical data

Diameter:610 mm
The height of the bulge:98 mm
Viewing angle:160 dergees
Back wall:no
Color:black / white

Advantages of Detex Line survey mirrors


Light weight

Due to the absence of rear walls, Detex Line viewing mirrors for rooms are light in weight, allowing them to be installed wherever necessary.


Flexible bracket

Included with the Detex Line mirrors is a flexible bracket that allows you to fix the mirror in any position.


Wide viewing angle

Due to the correct height of the bulge (the height of the spherical surface), Detex Line viewing mirrors provide an overview that is almost twice as large as mirrors from other manufacturers.


Wall or ceiling mounting

Thanks to the use of a special flexible bracket, the Detex Line safety mirrors can be placed in any plane.


Color selection

For the convenience of customers, two color solutions are provided – mirrors with white or black edging and mounting.


Bracket extension

To increase the length of the standard bracket, special nozzles are used to increase it to the required size.