PROFI mirror inspection kit

Security inspection mirrors are designed for visual inspection of vehicles, cargo containers, building structures, as well as for inspection and search work in warehouses, enterprises and hard-to-reach places, including in low-light conditions.

The set includes four inspection mirrors of the following sizes: 240 mm, 150 mm, 120mm and 130x70mm. The main advantage of the inspection mirrors is the ability to change them.

The 240 mm mirror has a bulge that allows to provide the highest quality inspection. It ideally suits for viewing a underbody of vehicles, for inspection and search work in warehouses.

The mirrors of 150mm and 120mm can be used for inspection of building structures under low-light conditions . The 130×70 mm rectangular mirror is suitable for inspection in narrow and hard-to-reach areas.

Technical data

Diameter:240mm, 150mm, 120mm, 130x70mm
Bulge height:up to 120mm

Advantages of a set of inspection mirrors Detex Line Pro


The ability to work in the dark

Included with the inspection mirror is an LED flashlight, which provides work in the dark or in low light conditions.


Convenient configuration

For ease of use, the set of inspection mirrors is equipped with a telescopic rod and a rolling platform, which allows inspection without holding the mirror in the air.


Wide viewing angle

Due to the correct height of the bulge (the height of the spherical surface), Detex Line road mirrors provide an overview that is almost twice as large as mirrors from other manufacturers.


4 mirrors included

The set includes four inspection mirrors: 240 mm, 150 mm, 120 mm and 130x70 mm. Thanks to the possibility of changing mirrors, this kit allows you to conveniently and efficiently inspect both the bottoms of vehicles with a 240 mm mirror, and narrow channels of building structures with 150 mm, 120 mm and 130x70 mm mirrors.