Street mirror, 630mm

Road safety mirrors — effectively prevent traffic accidents, accidents on difficult sections of roads with limited visibility, help protect cars from collisions in ground and underground parking lots, and also serve as a universal means to increase the visibility of the territory.

It allows a view of a large area with a minimal image’s deformation. It ideally siuts for installation on exits, blind corners, at unsupervised crossings.

Technical data

The height of the bulge:55mm
Viewing angle:160 degrees
Back wall:Reinforced, with stiffening ribs
Reflective Edging Bracket:Universal

Advantages of Detex Line road mirrors


Reinforced back wall

The rear wall of the road mirrors is reinforced with additional stiffeners, which increases the stability of the mirror to strong gusts of wind.


Universal steel bracket

The universal bracket allows you to install a mirror on a wall or a wide pole. It is made of high-strength materials, has an anti-corrosion coating, which makes it possible to install mirrors in any climatic zones.


Wide viewing angle

Due to the correct height of the bulge (the height of the spherical surface), Detex Line road mirrors provide an overview that is almost twice as large as mirrors from other manufacturers.


Reflective edging

Built-in reflective elements on mirrors allow you to ensure safety at night on roads and parking lots, as well as reduce the risk of equipment hitting people and damaging goods in warehouses.