Anti-theft equipment for the store

Anti-theft equipment is now suitable for almost any business, and in particular for stores, thanks to the contactless principle of identifying a product or object. At the moment, Acousto- magnetic and radio frequency systems have become popular in the field of trade. Anti-theft equipment systems are used at an entrance and exit with a cash desk. They are ideally suit for clothing stores and other areas of trade where you need to identify garments, goods or objects. The anti-theft equipment and anti-theft systems for stores offered by Detex Line are a complex development of our own design department, which has more than 200 employees. Buying our anti-theft systems and equipments, you get an advantage over competitors, as Detex Line is the market leader in the production of anti-theft equipments for retail outlets and stores not only in Moscow, but also throughout Russia.

Acousto-magnetic systems

In the continuous process of technologies’ modernization that protect goods from a theft, Acousto- magnetic systems meet all the requirements of nowadays. Acousto- magnetic anti-theft systems are a demonsrative example of the sustainable development and improvement of anti-theft equipment.

Radio frequency systems

Nowadays, radio frequency anti-theft systems are a standard of price and quality. First used in the middle of the last century, after many years of its development and improvement, radio frequency anti-theft technology has become the most popular and often used in systems to protect goods from theft. Currently, the specialists of the Detex Line plant are constantly improving the performance and technical characteristics of the manufactured equipment, while taking into account modern requirements for design and high structural strength.