Security mirrors

Security spherical mirrors is an effective and unexpecnsive means of increasing the security that can be applied anywhere where you need a good review. Mirrors sold under the brand name Detex Line are one of the highest quality safety mirrors presented on the Russian and Ukrainian markets, and have a lot of advantages over mirrors from other manufacturers. Detex Line spherical mirrors have a large height of convexity, a viewing angle of 160°. They are equipped with specialized mountings and are intended for use in Russian conditions. Mirrors installed in retail facilities effectively protect against shoplifting and damage to property. Road mirrors are used at dangerous crossroads, closed turns, multi-level parking lots, and residential areas. They effectively prevent accidents and cases where pedestrians may be injured.

Security mirrors

Security view mirrors are an effective tool for a protection against shoplifting. They provide a wide angled view to see around corners and hidden areas. Mirrors have a large size, which means the highest quality visibility.

Road Traffic Mirror

Road Traffic Convex Security Mirror mirrors effectively prevent road accidents, such as accidents on difficult sections of roads with limited visibility. Furthermore, they help to protect cars from collisions on ground as well as underground parkings, and they also serve as a universal tool for an increasing of territories’ visibility.

Inspection mirrors

Inspection mirrors are designed for visual inspection of vehicles, cargo containers, building structures, as well as for inspection and search work in warehouses, enterprises and hard-to-reach places, including under low-light conditions.