Individual project to order

Our production facilities allow us to carry out individual projects — from unusual painting of the anti-theft antenna or engraving on the case to the implementation of unique orders. You can see one of these examples in the photo: we have made mirrors for the villa "Mirror Mongayt".

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Technical specification
Provide us with information about your individual order.
We discuss and approve the working conditions for an individual project.
We provide you with a sketch/ready-made prototype for your project.
Mass production
After the prototype is approved, we carry out a plan for your individual project
Successful cooperation
We are successfully completing our project, we are ready for further cooperation!

Individual project "Mirror Mongite"

Detexline made a batch of individual mirrors for the project of architect Bernasconi "Mongait Mirror".

Project Description

The front southern facade is designed for a certain period of time as an art installation in the form of a temporary structure. Once every eight years, the house sheds its skin. The change of the facade becomes a landmark event, a family tradition and an informational occasion. The first facade is mirror pixels reflecting the sky and the forest and dissolving the house in the environment.

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Individual project "Alice in the Land of Sciences"

Detexline, commissioned by the Polytechnic Museum, designed and manufactured individual mirrors for the interactive exhibition "Alice in the Land of Sciences".

Project Description

This project offers to look at and delve into such issues of science as universal gravity, the Big Bang and many others through the prism of the well-known fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland". You can look at the world through the eyes of various animals, see mathematical operations (multiplication, division, etc.) and the curvature of space in mirrors, and much more.

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